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The i-kon™ CEBS (Central Electronic Blasting System) allows Underground mining operations to initiate their i-kon™ electronic detonator blasts remotely, from a convenient and safe control point usually on the surface.

The CEBS unit consists of a RBB (Remote Blast Box) and a Lock Box which work with the existing i-kon™ Logger to utilise the mine's existing communication infrastructure (Analogue phone networks, LAN, WLAN or Leaky Feeder). The system can be used safely from either a designated Safe Firing Point underground or from a surface coordination and control point.

Feautures include:

  • System control through a PC-based Central Blasting software package.
  • Due to the complexity of underground clearances, safety is enhanced through combination of a Smart Dongle, Master Dongle and physical key controls.
  • CEBS capacity up to 2400 i-kon™ detonators, using 12 Loggers.
  • Complete 2-way communication, including verification of delay time programming and confirmation of full functionality of detonators.
  • The system is contained in rugged, water and shock resistant cases. Operational temperature range -20 to +60ºC.

The CEBS system includes multiple levels of safety and security:

  • The RBB writes a unique one-time digital code and RBB Serial Number to a Smart Dongle.
  • The Smart Dongle must be transported to the safe firing point and inserted into Lockbox to activate communications with RBB.
  • The Lockbox in turn must be accessed with its physical key.
  • All communications between surface and underground are encrypted with the one-time code and specific address of the RBB which is conveyed via the Smart Dongle.
  • The lockbox is controlled from a computer using Orica's Central Blasting software, which is password protected.
  • Before being able to initiate blast sequence, a Master Dongle containing the unique firing commands must be inserted into the Lockbox.
  • A vibration sensor in the RBB confirms successful firing.

After firing, the system software generates automated reports showing specific blast details, including firing times, logger and blaster details, and the vibration record confirming detonation.