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Uni tronic™ Blast Box 310  

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The Uni tronic blast box has a capacity for 500 detonators. The detonators, via the harness wire may only be connected to the Blast Box at a point of safety after the blast area has been cleared. Once connected the box charges all detonators in parallel and programs them one by one, and in the process checks and reports on their condition via the full 2-way communications.

This process takes only 0.3 seconds per detonator, making programming very quick. Detonators connected to the harness but not reported by the scanner are identified as "globals". A global delay time can be assigned to these detonators. The Blast Box is rugged and portable with an operating temperature range of –15 to +60°C.

Marked Over Jord, Dagbrudd & Gruvedrift, Pukkverk
Produkt Type Uni tronic

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