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Orica’s Sustainable Development™ technologies are aimed at maximising efficiency while minimising the impact of your operation on people and the surrounding environment.

Whether you’re wanting to reduce your overall environmental emissions or ensure that hazards in your operation are reliably managed, Orica’s Sustainable Development™ technologies can assist your business objectives.

Orica’s Sustainable Development™ offering combines Orica’s global expertise in product chemistry, manufacturing and delivery techniques, hazard management, modelling and blast optimisation capabilities, which are aimed at optimising the viability of your operation in an increasingly environmentally focused age.

For our Customers this can mean:

  • Optimised blast results, using modelled designs and tailored products that are specifically manufactured to reduce the carbon footprint of the mining operation;
  • Detailed hazard and risk assessments, with management and control processes that deliver predictable results in a range of environments and applications;
  • Security solutions, where Orica Mining Services assists with tracking and tracing explosives through the chain of custody, or takes on the responsibility of explosives management altogether; and
  • Reduction of carbon emissions, through modelling the product selection, supply chain, field application and effect on downstream productivity.

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