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i-kon systemThe i-kon™ system is the most advanced Electronic Blasting System on the market, designed for use in high value and complex blasts at large Surface and Underground operations.

The i-kon™ system consists of programmable digital detonators and control equipment - i-kon™ Logger and Blaster and offers:

  • high level of accuracy (up to 1000x more accurate than pyrotechnics)
  • large delay range (up to 15,000 ms) and largest capacity available (up to 4,800 dets in a blast) providing unprecedented timing flexibility
  • remote blasting capabilities: CEBS (Central Blasting System) for Underground applications and SURBS (Surface Remote Blasting System) for Open Cut applications
  • integrated SHOTPlus-i & SHOTPlus-i UG software for blast design and auto-programming of detonators
  • full programmability, facilitating inventory reduction and simplified regulatory conformance
  • encrypted communications for greater security
  • inherently safe two way communications, on the pattern
  • premium wire option for high demand applications (i-kon™ RX)

To obtain optimal results from this technology enquire about Orica's Blast Based Services.

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i-kon™ Detonator RX   i-kon™ Detonator RX - fully programmable electronic detonator - with RX wire Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry, Construction, Surface, Quarry & Construction Download Download