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Surface Remote Blasting SystemThe i-kon™ SURBS (Surface Remote Blasting System) allows Quarry and Surface mining operations to initiate their i-kon™ electronic blasts conveniently and remotely. Several blasts can be initiated from a central point.

The SURBS system utilised remote firing hardware (Blaster2400R and Surface Remote Blasting Box) with the existing i-kon™ Logger and detonators and offers increased flexibility for mining operations where firing time delays are critical and pit closures must be minimised.

The system features include:

  • SURBS has a capacity up to 2400 i-kon™ detonators, using 12 loggers.
  • Uses coded radio signals on an assigned frequency.
  • Complete 2-way communication, including verification of delay time programming and confirmation of full functionality for detonators.
  • Design operating range (line-of-sight) is 2500 metres.
  • Rugged water and shock resistant cases. Operational temperature range -20 to +60ºC.

Multiple levels of safety and security are designed into the system including:

  • The Surface Remote Blasting Box writes unique one-time digital code to a Smart Dongle
  • The Smart Dongle is carried to the safe blasting point and inserted into Blaster 2400R to activate communications with Surface Remote Blasting Box
  • All radio signals are encrypted with the one-time code and specific address of the Surface Remote Blasting Box
  • Protection against stray signals of RF interference
  • If severe continuing interference occurs, SURBS goes into standby mode to allow a safe restart
  • SURBS also has a test mode which allows pre-checking of the strength and quality of the radio signal from potential firing locations

Prior to the hardware being provided for use on a mining lease, the mine must obtain licensing for a particular frequency that will be dedicated to the SURBS unit.