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Nexa™ Connectadet™  

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Nexa™ Connectadet™ non-electric, short delay, trunk line assemblies provide out-of-hole delays in non-electric blast patterns. Used in conjunction with Nexa™ Combidet™ or Nexa™ Unidet in-hole shock tube detonator assemblies, Nexa™ Connectadet™ assemblies provide flexibility in blast design and ease of use. They can be used in quarries, surface coal operations, open pit and underground mines and construction projects to provide accurate surface timing.

·      Eliminate the need for detonating cord trunk lines

·      Do not require burying - lower shrapnel damage potential

·      Provide excellent, flexible blast control

·      Allow easy connection, even with gloves

·      Allow pre-blast changes to blast design

·      Allow quick and easy hook-up verification

·      Don’t tangle - no waste

·      Rugged, with abrasion resistant tubing

·      New lower energy design

·      Accurately timed in eight delays

·      Quick and simple to connect; highly visible 6 tube ergonomic connector design

·      In easy-to-handle figure-eight coils

Market: Underground, Quarry, Construction, Surface
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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