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Unitronic OverviewThe Uni tronic™ system has been designed to provide the accuracy and flexibility of electronic timing in a simple to learn and operate system, at a reasonable price. Suitable for Quarries and most Surface mining operations.

The Uni tronic™ system consists of the Uni tronic 500 programmable detonator and hardware to identify, test, program and fire - Scanner, Network Tester and Blast Box (click here for Information on Basic Operations). It offers:

  • high level of accuracy
  • delay range up to 10,000 ms in 1 ms increments and capacity up to 800 detonators per blast providing the flexibility required for most applications
  • bar code scanning, facilitating rapid and easy deployment
  • full programmability, facilitating inventory reduction and simplified regulatory conformance
  • encrypted communications for greater security
  • inherently safe operations and two way communications from the blast box

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