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Centra™ Gold ANE  

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Centra™ Gold Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion Phase (ANE) is the emulsion component or precursor that is combined with sensitizer to deliver Centra™ Gold for quarry and construction blasting applications in both wet and dry conditions.

Centra™ Gold ANE is oxygen negative and appears as an opaque, white coloured viscous fluid, similar to a light grease or heavy oil.

Centra™ Gold ANE is manufactured by Orica to the highest quality standards and is delivered via tanker trucks or Iso tanks into appropriate holding tanks.

Centra™ Gold ANE can be only used to manufacture authorised Centra™ Gold explosive products. Before mixing at any specific site, licenses are required from the appropriate Regulatory Authority.

Market: Quarry & Construction
Product Type: Bulk Systems

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