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Case Studies & Conference Papers
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Case Studies & Conference Papers  

This library contains Orica Mining Services published Conference Papers and Case Studies in downloadable PDF format.


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Removing overhanging face Oparure Road – Waitomo, New Zealand

Transfield Services Ltd. Infrastructure division (Transfield) provides road maintenance services to the Waitomo District Council (WDC) on the North Island of New Zealand. Transfield were recently engaged by WDC to rehabilitate pavement on Oparure and Haurua Road . An optimal blast design was formulated by taking data collected using a Measurement Devices Ltd’s (MDL) Quarryman laser profiler and importing it into Orica’s ShotPLUS 5 software.

Controlling Overbreak in Development Mining

Golden Grove is an underground and open pit base and precious metal mine owned by Minerals and Metals Group (MMG).The mine is currently extending the depth of its operations beyond 1000m. At these depths they are noticing that the quality of the rock is worsening and the foliation and alteration is increasing in complexity.
The fractured and jointed ground conditions at Scuddles have led to an increase in overbreak in the development drives, variation between the “as designed” volume and the “as blasted” volumes of some drives exceeded 30%. * Data sourced during benchmarking phase MMG Golden Grove management recognized that such high levels of overbreak were having a significant cost impost to the operation and have been working the GBF team to find solutions to reduce this level of overbreak.

Blast Fume Reduction - Ensham QLD

“Ensham resources had been investigating opportunities to eliminate any risk associated with blasting fumes for a period of time and had attempted several other mitigation techniques, to little success. Mid 2012, Orica were asked to propose a solution and undertake trials in the Northern Pits. Their scope was to provide a confidence level of “0” rated fume, whilst still ensuring production rates were unaffected. Ensham then embarked on a 7 month trial period with Orica and their technical support team. As indicated in this report, the results were highly successful with no reportable fume events and consistent production rates. Ensham has now trialled 3 Flexigel Coal densities - fine tuning the results, with all products proving very successful and beneficial”.

Selection of Blasting Limits for Quarries and Civil Construction Projects

The selection of appropriate blasting vibration limits for civil construction projects and quarry operations has a major influence on the overall cost, duration, and environmental impact of a project. In some cases the application of an overly conservative limit may affect the financial viability of a project to a point where it may not even commence, despite it going through all the relevant planning approvals. Low vibration limits have resulted in explosive blasting being precluded from some major projects in favour of slower, more disruptive, mechanical methods such as ripping and hammering. This has prolonged the duration of the projects and extended the community’s exposure to excavation noise and dust.

Improving Fragmentation to Optimise Processing Plant Performance

A project was initiated with Orica Mining Services to improve blasting practices and quantify the impact on the process plant. While significant improvements to blast fragmentation had previously been made, the actual benefit of those improvements to downstream processing had not been quantified and it was believed that there was scope for further improvement.


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