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Blasting Courses  

Safe & Efficient Blasting in Underground Hardrock Course (2 day) - Kalgoorlie - July 2014
Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia
Start date
: 23-Jul-2014
End date
: 24-Jul-2014
Co-ordinator: Jo Liberato
Phone: 03 8363 5301

Safe and Efficient Blasting Course

Underground Hardrock


Kalgoorlie  -  23rd and 24th July 2014

Orica Mining Services invites you or representatives from your Company to attend the well recognised Safe and Efficient Blasting course in Underground Metal.


Course Outcomes

Completion of the course will equip participants to:

• Compare Explosives Types and decide a reasonably cost-effective combination,

• Correctly Prime and Charge blastholes to ensure optimum performance,

• Select a suitable Initiation System, including delay intervals and hook-up methods,

• Modify Blast Patterns in difficult or unusual areas so as to maintain good results,

• Control excessive Flyrock, Vibrations, and Airblast,

• Identify potential Safety Hazards relating to explosives and know how to avoid them,

• Comply with Explosives and Mining Regulations pertaining to explosives.

• Evaluate Risks associated with blasting

• Analyze the wider operational Cost implications of changing blasting methods


Course Objectives and Target Groups

The program is designed to further enhance the skills and knowledge of shotfirers, supervisory personnel, mining engineers, geologists and drill and blast foremen. The objective of this course is to provide participants with a greater understanding of the requirements of drilling and blasting in Underground Metal Mining, so that they are able to carry out their job responsibilities which may be “hands-on” planning or supervisory:


Course Content


                                           Day 2

•          Introduction to Blasting & Terminology

•          Workshop – “solving Oversize & Misfire Problems”

•          Explosives Properties that affect Blasting

•          Rock Breakage with Explosives

•          Application of Correct Explosives in Tunnels

•          Bulk Explosives Systems & Videos

•          Charging Techniques in Development Tunnels

•          Tunneling Design Techniques

•          Initiation Systems for Development Tunnels

•          Videos of Blasts – Initiation Systems

•          Workshop – Initiation in Large Tunnels

•          Computerised Initiation in Tunnels

•          Blasting Video Review – Unusual Blasting

•          Priming for Optimal Performance

•          Workshop – “ solving Stoping Problems”

•          Correct Explosives for Production Blasting

•          Initiation Systems for Production Blasting

•          Electronic / Digital Initiation Systems

•          Blasting Video Review “Blasting Applications”

•          How to Conduct Specialised Blasting Methods

•          Workshop – “ Initiation for Ringfiring”

•          Blasting Video Review “Specialised Blasting”

•          Workshop – “ firing into Slots & Raises

•          Vibration / Airblast / Concusion Controls

•          Safety in Blasting with Accidents Review



The presenters are drawn from Orica Australia's extensive network of Blasting Engineers and Technical Specialists. Many of these are widely acknowledged as specialists in their field with collective experience in the explosives / blasting industry of over 100 years of practical blasting experience in most blasting environments.


The Quality Inn Railway   & Function Centre
51 Forrest Street
Kalgoorlie   WA  6430
Te:  08 9088 0000

Fees and Registration

Safe and Efficient Blasting Course (2 days)

1 – 2 people from the same mine   $2223.00 per person

3 – 5 people from the same mine   $2103.00 per person

6 or more from the same mine        $1983.00  per person

The fee covers lecutres, lecture facilities, course manual, lunches and the Conference Dinner on Day 1 evening.  Accommodation is not included in this fee. 


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 7 days of the course - $500 cancellation fee. 

No-Shows without notice forfeit the full course fee.

Substitution of attendees is no problem.

Please advise cancellation or substitutions by email.

 Note that Orica reserves the right to change the venue or presenters, or postpone the course if applications do not meet minimum requirement. If the course must be postponed all registered participants will be notified.


What to Bring

All participants are asked to bring a calculator, pencil and ruler.

If you are able to bring a laptop computer we can load SHOTPlus® software which runs a free trial licence for 10 days. There may be a limited number of laptops provided to share amongst the group.


Who should apply:
Drill & Blast Managers, Mine Managers, Shotfirers, Foremen, Supervisors, Trainee Managers, Government/Regulatory Inspectors, Operations Manager, Engineers