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Fortis™ Clear-i S  

Fortis™ Clear-i S is a member of Orica’s family of bulk explosive products formulated for use where the generation of post blast fume could be experienced in mildly reactive ground. It is designed for use in dry, dewatered or wet blastholes.

There are numerous causes of post-blast fumes, including ground conditions, geology, blast design, initiation sequence, explosive loading technique and explosive selection. Fortis™ Clear–i S can be used in conjunction with Orica’s blasting expertise to reduce post blast fume in environmentally sensitive areas where reactive ground is encountered. An assessment of current blasting practices and fume quantification are the first steps in formulating a solution to fume problems in mildly reactive ground. Fortis™ Clear-i S is suitable for use in fume prone ground containing reactive sulphide. Incorrect application of this product may result in elevated levels of undesirable post blast fume.
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Market: Open Cut Coal
Product Type: Bulk Systems

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