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Siesdet electric detonators  

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Siesdet electric detonators are No. 8* strength detonators designed specifically for geophysical exploration. Each fuse head of these detonators is protected with an insulating antistatic sleeve providing a spark gap. The triple crimping of the detonator shell ensures excellent water resistance characteristics. A water pressure of 20 bar can be withstood for two months. The colour-coded leadwires (bright yellow) offer excellent resistance to abrasion and have a high tensile strength. The lead wires have coating that is highly abrasive resistant. The wire coating specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures of –70 °C is also available on request. The lead wire for lengths upto 12-m is indicated on a plastic tag onto lead wires. For greater lengths, the length is indicated on a tape wrapped around the spool. The spool is also made up of Conductive Polymer to have better safety. Extremities of lead wires are short-circuited and sheathed.

Market: Seismic
Product Type: Osd™

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