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Orica recognises that blasting is critical in underground mining. Our blast engineers liaise with customers in an aim to maximise performance and minimise risk in this demanding environment.Our innovative mining solutions are designed to be safe, cost effective and help our customers to operate with more control.

At Orica, blast safety, expanded productivity, and overall cost savings for the customer are important. Orica provides a wide range of blasting and initiation products to the underground mining industry, but our most important product is knowledge.

This expertise is accumulated by skilled people from thousands of underground blasts worldwide. Some of this knowledge goes into developing our products and much more goes towards integrating them into unique, innovative solutions and rapid responses to customer needs.

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ProductDescriptionMarketsProduct TypeMSDS/SDSTDSSubscribe
AMEX™   Free flowing granular explosive for use in dry blastholes Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry Packaged Explosives Download Download
AMEX™ LD 50/50   A low density flowing primer sensitive explosive Underground Packaged Explosives Download Download
Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion Phase   Ingredient for explosives Underground Bulk Systems Download
Ballistic Disc 260   comprises 6.9 kg of explosive cast into an aluminium lining, capped with a steel disc Underground Accessories Download Download
Ballistic Disc Laser Aimer   The Laser Aimer magnetically attaches to the face of a Ballistic Disc. Underground Accessories Download Download
Beethoven Mk 7 Exploder   100-shot capacitor discharge exploder Underground Accessories Download
BudLoader™   Designed exclusively for shaft construction Underground Delivery Systems Download
Carrick II Detonators   Carrick II Detonators are low incendive, short delay detonators approved for use in underground coal mines. Underground Initiating Systems Download Download
Civec™ System with Civec™ Control   Civec™ is suitable for use in downholes, upholes and development headings. Underground, Construction, Tunnelling and Underground Construction Bulk Systems Download Download
Cordtex™ 10P Detonating Cord   Strong, flexible, low energy, waxed outer jacket, detonating cord Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry Initiating Systems Download Download