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i-kon™ Blaster 400 & Blaster 2400S  

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The Blaster is used to charge and control the firing of the detonators. There are four different types of ikon Blasters. The Blaster400 can fire up to 400 detonators on 2 loggers. The Blaster2400S can fire up to 2,400 detonators on 12 Loggers individually and 4,800 detonators when sychronised to another Blaster. Remote Blasters are also available: SURBS (Surface Remote Blasting System) for Open Cut applications and CEBS (Central Blasting System) for Underground applications can fire up to 2,400 detonators.
Safety Data Sheets
i-kon MSDS 1.4S Packaging
i-kon MSDS 1.1B Packaging

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry, Construction
Product Type: i-kon™

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