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The MaxiLoader™ modular bulk delivery system is a fully featured loading unit designed for development and production charging in underground mining or construction applications. The MaxiLoader™ has the ability to deliver a range of densities and has full control of charging operations enabling accurate loading of blast designs.

Key Benefits:

  • The MaxiLoader™ is an easy to use Customer operated system.
  • A range of product densities can be loaded when using the MaxiLoader™ to suit blasting needs.
  • The MaxiLoader™ can load into long upholes and downholes typical in underground mining.
  • The MaxiLoader™ delivers at high pump rates of up to 80 kg per minute.
  • An operator can charge up to 2500 kg of emulsion at a range of product densities when using the MaxiLoader™.

Market: Underground
Product Type: Delivery Systems

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