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Explosives Limited
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Explosives Limited  

Primarily focused in the seismic, oil and gas, mining and construction industries, Explosives Limited is a distributor for a complete line of packaged and bulk explosives, detonating systems, blasting accessories, as well as industrial, safety and oil field related supplies.

Operating from its head office in Calgary, Alberta, and strategic branch locations throughout western Canada and the Territories, Explosives Limited’s core area of business operations goes beyond the distribution of commercial explosives, to include perforating charges, guns and other oil field related products and services.

Explosives Limited is a privately-owned Canadian corporation who stands out from their competition with the primary goal of providing top of the line products, technical expertise, and operational and logistical support to their customers and the industry. As the largest explosives distributor in Canada, Explosives Limited has available to them the latest explosives technology, supported by technical resources from around the world.

 Explosives Limited (XL) is Western Canada’s leading supplier of explosives products and services to the open pit and underground mining industry. XL is an independant distributor of Orica Canada Inc. packaged explosives and initiation systems in Western Canada. Handibulk explosives and systems are also provided by XL to the mining industry.

XL has a network of 14 strategically placed branch offices and distribution centres located in Saskatchewan, Alberta. British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory. XL provides its customers with the products to get the job done and the support personnel to help make blasting operations safe, efficient and cost effective.

XL manufactures packaged AMEX (ANFO) at its distribution centres in Yellowknife, NT and La Ronge, SK. XL also sources AMEX from Orica Canada Inc.’s Blackie, AB manufacturing plant.

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Contact Details

5511 6th Street, S.E.
Calgary, AB  T2H 1X6
(403) 255-7776