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Vibration Control
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Vibration Control  

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The BlastIQ™ Vibration Control solution safeguards license to operate and optimises blasting productivity in constrained environments by providing the tools to design, model, implement and measure blasts to vibration limits.

Design and modelling
BlastIQ™ Vibration control allows designs in highly sensitive vibration control environments to be optimised down to the individual blast hole level. 3-D blast designs in correct spatial positioning can be simulated using a powerful vibration modelling technology accessed as an online service. The model uses ground signature waveforms and advanced techniques to provide access to leading edge modelling capability. Multiple designs can be modelled using changes in explosives charge-weights, blast orientation or blast initiation sequences, to allow comparison of predicted outcomes.

Results measurement
BlastIQ™ Vibration control measurement technology reliably, efficiently and securely captures blast vibration measurements. Field instrumentation can also be equipped additional measurement sensors, including airblast, noise, temperature, humidity, wind, dust and others.  Vibration and other sensor readings are triggered by blast events and automatically stored online.

Insights and optimisation
BlastIQ Vibration control closes the design, simulation, measurement and improvement loop as an end-to-end solution. Vibration results are associated with blasts by firing time, allowing analysis of results versus blast designs and implementation quality in BlastIQ™. Measured data can be aggregated into site laws that assist in subsequent blast design, and blasts which exceed alert levels can be investigated remotely, down to the blast hole level. 

To learn more about the Vibration Control solution, or Orica’s BlastIQ™ System please contact your local Orica representative or
visit our BlastIQ Help Centre.