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Blast IQ™
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Blast IQ™  

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Achieve the best blast results every time, with Orica’s Blast IQ™ web app. Blasting information can be viewed, shared and analysed anytime, anywhere.

Blast IQ™ is a secure cloud-based web application, enabling efficient storage, management and analysis of blast related information.

The Blast IQ™ portal can assist blasting professionals to improve blast designs, achieve better quality blasts and/or reduced costs.  Design, drilling, loading and initiation documents can be viewed in one central location, making it easy to access blast design history and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Blast IQ™ enables the continuous improvement of blasting outcomes, by delivering:

  • Secure reliable online document management
  • Efficient management of blast audits and investigations
  • Complete traceability of document history, version controls and sign-off processes to suit any operational workflows
  • Efficient data exchange between multiple authorised stakeholders in the drill & blast process, helping improve the quality of each blast design
  • Access to historical blasts in spatial position, providing insights for future blast designs
  • Records of all blast assessments and environmental data, photographs and videos of blasts.

Blast IQ™ supports customers manage their drill and blast operations, improving processes, blast management and outcomes.

To learn more about Blast IQ™ or the Blast IQ™ System, please contact your local Orica representative, or visit  our Blast IQ™ Help Centre.