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Optimal explosives charge calculated and delivered using Orica’s LOADPlus™ technology.  Combining the right products with the right technology to achieve predicted blast outcomes.

The next generation of explosives loading technology will soon arrive in Orica’s Bulkmaster™ Mobile Manufacturing Units (MMUs™).  Using the power of the LOADPlus™ smart delivery system technology, products are delivered in accordance with site requirements and delivered down the blasthole with greater precision and efficiency.
A full MMU™ operation control system will be available for new Bulkmaster™ 6 and Bulkmaster™ 7 in early  2018.

From mid 2018 onwards a range of additional features will become available in LOADPlus™ including:
  • Data connectivity
  • Loading rules
  • Real time synching

To learn more about LOADPlus™ or the BlastIQ™ System, please contact your local Orica representative, or visit our BlastIQ™ Help Centre.