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Bulk Systems
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Bulk Systems  

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Orica’s world-leading Bulk Systems integrate products, manufacturing, logistics, equipment and technical expertise, to create Bulk Explosives and deliver them safely and efficiently into the blasthole.

Bulk Explosives play a critical role in mining, quarrying and construction operations, providing the energy to move a rock mass and reduce it to an optimal size. When it comes to energy, Orica’s Bulk Explosives offer the broadest range of energy on the market.

With Bulk products ranging from less than half, to almost triple the Relative Bulk Strength of ANFO, alongside increased flexibility in Velocity of Detonation, customers have greater choice and unprecedented control of blasting outcomes.

Through the correct selection and application of Orica Bulk Explosives, customers can make significant improvements to many aspects of their operations, including productivity, safety, production volatility, environmental management, and capital intensity.


Orica’s Bulk Explosives range is comprised of: Flexigel™, ANFO, Fortis™, Fortan™, Aquacharge™, Centra™, Civec™, Subtek™, Vistis™ and Vistan™ – and includes products for both surface and underground applications. The range includes specific formulations for reactive ground, hot ground, fume prone ground, longer sleep times, deep holes, and greater heave, just to name a few.


Our extensive range combined with Orica’s technical expertise means we can tailor a solution to match our customers’ geologies and end use requirements.

When combined with the precision timing of Orica’s Electronic Blasting Systems and the technology and tools that Orica offers, Orica’s Bulk Explosives have the potential to deliver real value to our customers’ operations.

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Ammonium Nitrate   Low density Industrial Grade Prills Underground, Surface, Quarry & Construction Download Download
Flexigel™ Clear ANE   Emulsion Component for the Manufacture of Flexigel Range Surface Download Download
Fortan™ Advantage™   Standard product for metaliferous mining applications Surface Download Download
Fortan™ Extra   Heavy ANFO Blends has Been Specifically Designed for Use in the Most Difficult Blasting Applications in Open Cut Mining Surface Download Download
Fortis™ Clear   Used for reduction of post blast fume in areas sensitive to fume emissions Surface Download Download
Fortis™ Control   Bulk emulsion system is high a energy, water resistant pumped product Surface Download Download
Fortis™ Control ANE   Emulsion Component for Use by Mines to Blend with ANFO to Produce Explosive Products on Site Surface Download Download
Fortis™ Eclipse ANE   Unsensitized emulsion used in the delivery of FortisTM Eclipse and FortanTM Eclipse products in reactive surface mining applications. Surface Download Download
Fortis™ Extra   Booster Sensitive Emulsion Explosive Surface Download Download
Fortis™ Extra ANE   Unsensitized Booster-Sensitive Emulson Exsplosive Surface Download Download