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Improving safety and productivity

Improving safety and productivity  

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The introduction of Orica's Wireless Electronic Blasting System WebGen™ 100 Signals a step-change in in-hole initiation and decisive step on the the path towards full automation of drill and blast operations in the future. 

Without the constraints imposed by physical connections, wireless blasting can enable improvements in operator safety and mine productivity.


  • Elimination of exposure to high risk activities

  • Enables new mining methods and blasting techniques which aim to deliver, faster loading cycles, lower cost of production of metal and faster development 

  • Better, more flexible blasting reliability & management

Safety Integrity Rating

In a first for Orica WebGen™ 100 has received a Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) certification. 

In July 2017 the WebGen™ system obtained certification, through TÜV Rheinland, a global leader in independent inspection, safety testing and certification services.

A SIL 3 component running continuously is classified as having a safety critical failure less than 1 in a 100 billion devices, this is the highest level that can be practically achieved for a commercial blasting product.