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Blasting Tools
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Blasting Tools  

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THE 1670 REMOTE FIRING DEVICE (RFD) is an intelligent and discrete 2-way radio controlled remote blast initiation system. The radio system’s signal is digitally encoded (addressed). The latest microprocessor and message encoding/validation technology has been combined to provide a SAFE, RELIABLE and ACCURATE Remote Firing Device. The 1670 RFD has the capability to initiate non-electric shock tube, as well as standard electric blasting caps. The system can be used repeatedly throughout an operation and will give an “answer back” or confirmed status of all or any one of the Remotes. The Remotes can be held in the standby (not armed) mode for 12+ hours and still maintain the energy to initiate the shot. The 1670 RFD includes redundant internal safety circuitry and a timed automatic disarming feature. If the Remotes do not receive a properly addressed firing signal within 2 minutes of being armed, the system will automatically return to the disarmed state.

Quarryman® Pro
is the latest laser rock profiling system, The system uses include 3D rockface profiling to determine rockface geometry and blast hole burdens and thus reduce the incidents of fly rock, airblast and excessive vibration by accurately determining blasthole burdens and rockface geometry.  It can also be used in stockpile volume measurement and 3D mapping of entire mine sites. The Quarryman® Pro enables users to operate the instrument like a conventional total station but can also auto scanner the roclk face or bench for fast 3D laser scanner The Quarryman® Pro can be integrated with results from the Boretrak® deviation systems to complete the blast geometry picture when downloaded and integrated to the ShotPro SV software. For comprehensive 2D profiling and 3D rock face analysis. 
The MDL Rodded Boretrak® is the most versatile system for measuring borehole deviation. for both downhole and uphole situations The data can be easily downloaded and integrated into Orica’s ShotPlus I SV software From here the results of drilling activity can be quickly and accurately determined and the loading of face holes can be adjusted to mach the burdens correctly.