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Exel MS  

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Corresponds to a series of high–power non-electric detonators with long delay periods between the subsequent firings. 

Exel™ LP non-electric detonators have 4 main components:

  • An aluminum capsule that includes a primary load of explosives, a secondary load and a delay series.
  • A yellow shock tube, which conveys the signal to the delay capsule. When the tube is initiated, it transmits through the interior a low-energy shock wave, which initiates the delay, mixes. This signal can run along the whole interior of the tube without affecting any explosive agent or any other accessory in direct contact.
  • A delay label indicating the LP serial number and the range of nominal time corresponding to each detonator.
  • J Connector, a device that joins the non-electric tube to the trunk line of the detonating cord.

The Exel™ LP detonator allows various periods applicable to underground development blasting mainly tunnels, among others, given the range of periods of this series.

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry, Construction
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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