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Product Rebrand - Nexa™ to Exel™
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Product Rebrand - Nexa™ to Exel™  


Orica has rebranded it’s non-electrical product range, from Nexa™ to Exel™. The change will allow for all Orica non-electric detonators to be globally recognised under the same brand name, however there will be no changes to product performance and each product will still meet the same strict quality standards our customers expect. 

See table below for the new product names. If you require TDS/SDS from the old products, please contact your local Orica representative. 

Old Product Name New Product Name 
Nexa™ B Connector
Exel™ B Connector
Nexa™ Connectadet
Exel™ Connectadet
Nexa™ Handidet Exel™ Handidet
Nexa™ Lead in Line Exel™ Lead in Line 
Nexa™ LP Exel™ LP
Nexa™ MS Exel™ MS
Nexa™ Start DS2 Exel™ Start DS2