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The Idea in this kind of seminar is that it should become an exchange forum of experience, new techniques and ideas that unite professionals in our branch.

The seminar in Bulgaria presented the Electronic Initiation System i-kon and the computerized program SHOTPlus-i, a major part of Orica Mining Services products. They had the opportunity to see the i-kon in operation,  workshop of SHOTPlus-i and together with our lecturers/specialists, form a solid fund of knowledge in the field of blasting technology. Offcourse the participants had a chance to discuss individual technical problems.

As for previous years, the 2008 program includes excursions to mines in Northern Sweden, lectures and workshops at Gyttorp and Stockholm as well as a visit to Orica�s facilities in Gyttorp.

Guest lecturers together with many specialists from Orica Mining Services and other companies will form a solid fund of knowledge in the field of blasting technology. Of course the participants should take this chance to discuss individual technical challenges well.

Over the years, a substantial number of blasting technicians from around the globe have successfully done their training with us, whose number one priority is promoting safety and efficiency in rock blasting operations.
Our aim is to attract participants who are responsible for blasting operations. Our courses include facts about the characteristics and applications of explosives and initiation systems as well as techniques for bench and tunnel blasting.