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SHOTPlus™5 Overview
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SHOTPlus™5 Overview  

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Orica’s fifth generation of SHOTPlus™ blast design software enables advanced design, analysis and optimisation of blast plans. 

For more than 20 years Orica has been developing innovative blast design software, responding to our customers’ need to optimise their blast performance.


The new SHOTPlus™5 software has extensive blast initiation design capabilities and supports Orica’s pyrotechnic and electronic blasting systems.

Features of SHOTPlus™5 include: 

  • Blast design in a full 3D environment

  • Automatically assign electronic blasting sequences based upon user defined burden relief and firing directions

  • Auto-adjust electronic delay timings to meet desired firing windows for vibration control

  • Simulating timing sequences in real time, allowing any problem areas to be highlighted before firing

  • Importing blasthole layouts generated from other mine design packages

  • Export charging design data to create loading sheets in Microsoft Excel or other packages

  • Creation of import and export templates to streamline routine data transfers between software packages to maximise design process efficiency

  • Creating loading rules defining specific blasthole charging parameters that can be quickly applied to selected holes or to the entire blast

  • Available in multiple languages

  • Full integration with Orica’s i-kon™ and uni tronic™ electronic blasting systems to maximise on-bench efficiency

  • Print initiation plans and reports to allow effective blast hook-up on bench

  • Generate blast-material quantity reports for reconciling blasted inventory

  • Links to the Advanced Vibration Management (AVM™) online tool**.



** Upon request, Orica can undertake a study to obtain site specific seed waves, ground velocities and site constants as the inputs to a Monte Carlo advanced vibration model. Once calibrated, the model can be run from SHOTPlus™5 by exporting blast designs to Orica’s Advanced Vibration Modelling Online service.  The model will provide a predicted full blast waveform based on the charging and timing information supplied.