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SHOTPlus™5 Frequently Asked Questions
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SHOTPlus™5 Frequently Asked Questions  

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SHOTPlus™5 Installation FAQs

SHOTPlus™5 Technical Issues FAQs

SHOTPlus™5 Enhancement FAQs

SHOTPlus™5 Activation FAQs

SHOTPlus™5 Installation FAQs 

How do I download SHOTPlus™5?

All SHOTPlus™5 versions are downloadable from Blasters Desktop.  The download can be obtained by clicking here Once you have downloaded and installed Blasters Desktop the links to the download will be provided for you in the section under the Installation Tab.  This will include SHOTPlus™5 software series.

What is Blasters Desktop?

Blasters Desktop is an Orica application that provides you with a number of download links to the Orica blasting software.  After you have downloaded selected blasting software via Blasters Desktop you will be able to use it immediately.  Blasters Desktop also serves as a communication tool with our software users being able to receive bulletins targeted at internal, external or specific region users.

I have a problem with Blasters Desktop and SHOTPlus connecting via the internet.

Blaster’s desktop and SHOTPlus5 use internet connections for product database upgrades, program updates and licencing. The connection to the outside world from within a company network is normally controlled by network firewalls which may prevent connections. Blasters desktop and SHOTPlus5 share the same settings so correcting one will affect the other. Please contact your IT support service for assistance in resolving this issue.

Trouble shooting guide.
  1. Confirm that SHOTPlus5 or Blaster’s desktop is using the automatic proxy option and test the connection.
  2. If a user would normally authenticate themselves using a log-on page within a browser session perform this step and try again.
  3. If the corporate server has a known proxy for external programs to use enter those settings and try.
  4. Some machines may have a personal firewall which may stop applications connecting to the internet in addition to any proxy configuration. Set SHOTPlus to use the automatic proxy setting and unblock the BlastersDesktop.exe and shotplus5.exe programs to allow out-going connections on port 80 (http) using the configuration settings of the firewall.

SHOTPlus™5 Activation FAQs 

How do I activate SHOTPlus™5?

After you have downloaded and installed SP5 it can be manually activated via the Blasters Desktop application using a Product Key obtain from the Orica Customer Service Representative.

SHOTPlus™5 Technical Issues FAQs 

Why do my toolbars keep moving when I click on them sometimes?

Toolbars are fully customisable in SP5.  You can move them around and dock in various places, change their visibility by right clicking on one with your mouse and checking/unchecking one or selecting ‘customise’ to create a custom toolbar and perform various additional related tasks. 

Why is 3D Rotation behaving strangely?

To set the centre of your 3D-rotation, select the 3D-rotation tool and press the Ctrl key.  The cursor will change to represent an eye.  Without releasing the Ctrl key, left mouse click on any object on the design you wish to become the new centre of the 3D-rotation.  Release the Ctrl key and rotate your screen.  If you press the Shift key, the 3D-rotate action changes to a 2D planar rotation.  This only occurs while you keep the Shift key pressed down.  When you release the Shift key the 3D tool operation is immediately restored.

Why is the row surface Hook-up not working?

The row surface hook-up method has changed in SP5.  To connect multiple collars in a row, left mouse click on the starting collar and without releasing, drag the mouse over a short distance.  The cursor will change from a single hole to multiple ones. Once this has happened, left mouse click on the destination collar to connect all the collars along the way.  The collars connected will be determined by the target search radius which you can adjust on the far right of the status bar.  The status bar is located at the bottom of SP5.

Why can’t I move or click on some of the objects in the design?

If you can select an object but cannot move it, the object must belong to a layer currently locked.  Go to the layer manager and unlock the layer the object belongs too.  If you cannot select an object, it means that the object belongs to a layer currently frozen.  To unfreeze an object, go to layer manager and un-tick the frozen property of that layer.

SHOTPlus™5 Enhancement FAQs

What happened to the multiple designs being open at one time?

SP5 supports one design being open at one time.  If you wish to work with multiple designs at one time you can either open the second file in another instance of SP5 or use the File | Merge menu option to import another design into the current one.

Where did Layer Manager go to?

Layer manager is now accessible via quick access panel interface.  Quick access panels are located on the left and right edges of the main edit window.  They start as a tab which after being clicked on expands into a panel.  Panels can be detached by dragging them away from their current location and docked into the designated and marked areas around the main edit window visible only when the dragging action is in progress.  Other quick access panels are the ‘Visibility Manager’ and the ‘Windows Manager’.  All can be accessed from the top ‘View’ menu.


What is the pin button in the top right edge of the quick access panel for?

The pin button allows you to “pin” the panel in place, so it does not retract to the edge.  When the pin is going into the screen, the panel is pinned in place and will not disappear.  When the pin is positioned sideways, the panel will automatically retract to the edge after a certain amount of non-interaction with it.  Click on the pin button to toggle the pin position.

Where did all the layers go to?

Layer manager had been redesigned to contain groups of layers.  Click the + button on the left side of the layer group name to expand the layer group and click the – button to collapse it.

How does the fully automatic surface hook up work?

To perform a fully automatic surface hook up once you have selected the tie tool, first ensure that the automatic tie-up mode is ticked.  You do this by right clicking on the design which will bring up a popup tie menu options.  Create your echelon row tie-up first, then perform a row tie-up operation along the control row.  SP5 will attempt to fill in all the remaining echelon ties according to your first tie selection.

How do I find out what layer do objects belong to?

You can either bring up the hint for the object by resting the mouse pointer over it in the main edit window for a second or two, or you can edit the object.  The object edit window will display the layer property of the object.

How do I change what blasthole information is being displayed?

All blasthole information is now controlled via the Visibility Manager which can be accessed from the top View menu.  When Visibility Manager opens, it appears as a tab on the right hand side of the design space.  Click on the tab to open the Visibility Manager and use the check boxes provided to turn blasthole information on and off in the main design window.

How do I get shortcuts to the View and Calculation windows I frequently use?

Once you open any View or a Calculation window, a shortcut will be created in the Windows manager located on the left side of the main design screen.  In case the Windows manager is not being displayed, you can access it via the top View menu.

What is the difference between Program setting and Blast properties?

Preferences had been split into 2 distinct parts in SP5, Program settings and Blast properties.  By changing Program settings, you change the settings which will only take effect when you start a new design.  Program settings changes do not affect the currently open design.  Blast Properties on the other hand, only affect the current design and have no bearing on new designs, unless those are created with a blast template.  If a template is used to create a new design, Blast settings saved in a blast template will override Program settings.

What are Hole-types and how do you use them?

SP5 uses the idea of hole-types to help you create blast designs.  Hole types are simply user defined types of blastholes.  Hole-types can be defined in Edit | Design data and contain blasthole data, drill settings and a predefined loading scheme.  When laying out a blast you will have a choice what hole-type blasthole you wish to add to the design.  Hole-types can also be imported from Blast Design Assistant software.

Where do I find a front row colour burden map?

Colour burden maps for the front row can be found in View | Front Row view, where you will need to check the Show face checkbox to display it.  Colour burdens can also be viewed in the Profile tool after ticking the Coloured burdens box in the Views tab.