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Case Studies & Conference Papers  

This library contains Orica Mining Services published Conference Papers and Case Studies in downloadable PDF format.


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Drilling Productivity Improvement & Drill and Blast Cost Reduction Using Fortis™ Extra i H

The site had additional challenges with reactive ground. Previously, steaming holes had been identified and reactive ground testing of collected rock samples had confirmed the presence of reactive ground. Fortis Eclipse H was introduced to manage the reactive ground risks and had been used successfully on site for many years.

World’s first implementation of wireless initiation into a sub-level cave mine

With WebGen™, we’ve been able to increase our primary draw and we’ve also been able to eliminate redrills. We see at Northparkes that this offers us the best opportunity around being an industry leader in mine design and mine construction for future block cave mining.” Rob Cunningham, Mining Operations Manager, Northparkes Mines

Optimizing the Drill and Blast cycle with FRAGTrack™
Optimizing the Drill and Blast cycle with FRAGTrack™

The Kevitsa deposit is one of the largest ever mineral discoveries in Finland. Owned and operated by Boliden Kevitsa Mining Oy, the mine employs 520 people and 300 contractors. Kevitsa mine’s production is approximately 40 Mt per annum, including 8 Mt of ore containing nickel, copper, gold, platinum and palladium. Orica optimizes Kevitsa drill and blast cycle with FRAGTrack™.

Increased blast size with controlled vibration levels

Maliakhera Mines and Karunda Mines are the captive limestone mines of JK Cement works, Nimbahera division, India. The mines are developed into multiple benches for limestone production, with Karunda mines having two different pits, North Pit and South Pit.

Overbreak control in Cavern and tunnels

The Telangana State Govt. has decided to construct the Palamuru Ranga Reddy lift irrigation scheme (PRLIS) to cater the needs of irrigation in drought-prone uplands areas of Telangana region by drawing and lifting 90 TMC of water from foreshore of Srisailam reservoir.


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