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Basic Explosives Awareness Training Course
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Basic Explosives Awareness Training Course  

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Basic Explosives Awareness Training 

The Basic Explosives Awareness Training course has been created as a beginners guide to understanding and working with explosives. Each participant will be provided with a course manual and Orica technical literature.

This training course is a pre requisite for the Safe and Efficient Blasting Courses.

Course Objectives 

This program  is designed to develop a basic level of knowledge around explosives, Orica products and  provides information regarding safe working practices and recommendations when working with explosives. A key focus in this course is to educate on safe handling of explosives - without risk of causing injury or damage.... and efficient- in ways that maximise blasting performance.

Training Outcomes

Completion of the Basic Explosives Awareness Training will equip participants to:
  • Safely work with explosives under the directive of a shotfirer
  • Compare explosive types and understand how to use them
  • Correctly prime and charge blast holes
  • Select suitable initiation systems and apply hook up methods
  • Identify potential safety hazards relating to explosives and know how to avoid them
  • Comply with Explosives and Mining Regulations and pertaining to using explosives 

Target Groups 

This course is suitable for all who require an entry level understanding of working with explosives specifically those with
no previous knowledge of explosives training.
Other groups that may benefit from this training are quarry owners, drill and blast, regulators and others seeking an overview of recommended practices.  

Training Methods 
  • Lectures for product training
  • Demonstrations showing correct handling of explosives and initiating systems (using dummy products)
  • Videos showing correct usage of explosives and initiating systems
  • Questionnaires and quizzes
  • Practical assessment handling dummy explosives and initating systems safely.
  • Live demonstration of a small blast in a controlled environment.

The presenters and trainers are drawn from Orica's network of Blasting Engineers and Technical Specialists. Many of these are widely acknowledged as experts in their field with many years of collective experience in the explosives/ blasting industry.
To register for this course please contact Kevin Lot


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Safe and Efficient Blasting in Quarries Course - (2 day) - Townsville - January 2019 - Course Full Please contact for next dates
Townsville, Qld, Australia
Start date: 22-Jan-2019
End date: 23-Jan-2019
The program is designed to further enhance the skills and knowledge of shotfirers, supervisory personnel, mining engineers, geologists and drill and blast foremen. The objective of this course is to provide participants with a greater understanding of the requirements of drilling and blasting in Quarry, so that they are able to carry out their job responsibilities which may be “hands-on” planning or supervisory: SAFELY - without risk of causing injury or damage ..... and EFFICIENTLY - in ways that maximise blasting performance whilst optimising overall costs. Who should apply
Drill & Blast Managers, Mine Managers, Shotfirers, Blasting Crew, Foremen, Supervisors, Trainee Managers, Pit Engineers, Government/Regulatory Inspectors, Operations Manager, Engineers, New shotfirer, Regulators, Mine Operator, Drillers, All Orica Employees, JV & Independent Distributors
Safe and Efficient Blasting Open Cut Perth
Perth, WA, Australia
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End date: 24-Jun-2022
The SEB Course has been running in Australia for over 30 years, and is widely recognised as the best classroom based training course for Drill and Blast engineers, Shotfirers, Supervisors and Managers in the extractive industries. In the last two years the SEB Course has been significantly upgraded to include new content, modelling and information about the latest blasting techniques and technology. Participants who attended an SEB course prior to 2017 will benefit from attending the new version of the course. Who should apply
Drill & Blast Managers, Mine Managers, Foremen, Supervisors, Trainee Managers, Pit Engineers, Government/Regulatory Inspectors, Operations Manager, Regulators, Mine Operator