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Delivery Systems
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Delivery Systems  

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Orica offers a wide range of delivery systems designed for any scale of operation, and for both development and production blasting. The emphasis has been on design of exceptionally compact and flexible systems based on a common technology base which has a proven record of reliability in the underground environment. Delivery systems are available to suit low and highly mechanised mines, and also for automated mining.

Our Underground Delivery Units include mobile "Charger" delivery systems and modular "Loader" units, these are state of the art in explosives engineering and charging capability. The "Loader" systems are designed to be transported by IT to the point of use and can be quickly set up for loading blast holes, these systems can be readily installed onto mine carriers, or can be adapted for special needs. The Orica mobile "Chargers" are designed to charge full rings or development efficiently, taking full advantage of mechanisation and mobility. They are self contained and operate independently of other mining activity and equipment.

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AMEX™   Free flowing granular explosive for use in dry blastholes Open Cut Metal, Underground, Quarry Download Download
ANFO   Dry Blasting Applications Open Cut Metal, Quarry, Construction Download Download
Anopril™ Prilled Ammonium Nitrate   Anopril™ is a low density porous prilled grade of ammonium nitrate specifically formulated for use as an oxidizer in blasting agents. Open Cut Metal Download Download
Cordtex™ 5P Detonating Cord   Strong, flexible plastic outer jacket, detonating cord Open Cut Metal, Quarry Download Download
Electric Instantaneous II Detonator   Electric Instantaneous II Detonators are rated as 8* Strength. Underground, Construction Download Download
Exel™ Connectadet™ Detonators   Signal tube based detonators designed to control the millisecond delay sequence from hole to hole Open Cut Metal, Quarry Download Download
Exel™ Enduradet™ Open Cut Mining   Highly durable, oil resistant non-electric delay detonators Open Cut Metal Download Download
Exel™ Goldet™   Signal tube based detonators, combining a constant in-hole delay with a surface delay connector Open Cut Metal, Quarry Download Download
Exel™ Long Period Detonators   High strength non-electric detonators with Long Period delay intervals Underground Download Download
Exel™ Millisecond Connectors   Signal tube based delay connectors Open Cut Metal, Quarry Download Download