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Fortan™ Eclipse™ 25, 30, 35, 40  

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The Fortan™ Eclipse™ Bulk System is a heavy ANFO blend specifically designed for blasting applications in mildly reactive environments.

The Fortan™ Eclipse™ System of products are high energy dry hole explosives which may enable pattern expansion and subsequently reduce mining costs. The Fortan™ Eclipse™ System can be confidently used in open cut coal and metalliferous mining.

These product has been designed primarily for dry blastholes.

Key Benefits

·      Safe to use in mildly reactive sulphide mineral deposits.

·      Superior reliability in dry and dewatered blastholes.

·      Integrated product and delivery systems ensuring accuracy, productivity and dependability of supply.

·      Ability to load at varying energies and densities.

·      Higher bulk strength allows pattern expansion.

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal
Product Type: Bulk Systems

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