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Fortis™ Advantage  

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The Fortis™ Advantage Bulk System of sensitised pumped emulsion blends has been designed for use in wet blasting applications. The Fortis™ Advantage system complements the Orica Mining Services Fortan™ Advantage dry hole product.

Fortis™ Advantage has been specifically tailored for use in open cut hard rock mining. Fortis™ Advantage can be used whenever wet blast holes are encountered.

Key Benefits
Fortis™ Advantage is reliable in dry and wet blastholes.
The integrated product and delivery systems of the Fortis™ Advantage Bulk System ensures accuracy, productivity and dependability of supply.
Fortis™ Advantage can be loaded at varying energies and densities to maximise fragmentation and improve mine to mill productivity.
Fortis™ Advantage provides fully coupled explosive charges to maximise blasting outcomes.

    Market: Open Cut Metal, Quarry, Surface
    Product Type: Bulk Systems

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