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Nitro Consult AB

Nitro Consult AB  

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Nitro Consult AB is a consultancy company specialising in blasting and rock engineering, vibration control and surveys. The company was established in 1969 and has more than 60 highly competent employees with long experience.

Nitro Consult is a part of Orica Mining Services with activities in around 50 countries. The head office is in Stockholm, and there are regional offices at a number of locations.

Nitro Consult AB has a quality programme based on ISO 9001 and an active environmental management system with a clear environmental policy based on ISO 14001.

Nitro Consult is specialised in:
Blasting technique

  • Risk analyses
  • Blasting technique investigations
  • Charge calculations
  • Documentation before and after blasting
  • Stability calculations
  • Revenues and cost analyses
  • Site supervision/inspection
Vibration technique

  • Vibration control investigations
  • Isolation of vibration-sensitive equipment
  • Measurement of vibrations, airborne shockwaves and noise directly via Internet
  • Hire and sale of instruments for measurement of vibrations etc.
Rock & Environmental engineering

  • Geological surveys
  • Site investigations
  • Description of environmental consequences
  • Soil surveys
Risk analysis/survey

  • Mapping of risk areas for vibration generating activities
  • Restrictions and thresholds for surroundings
  • Graphical methods supplemented with photos
  • House inspection report

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