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Civec™ Control ANE  

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Civec™ Control Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion Phase (ANE) is the emulsion component for use in underground civil construction and tunnelling. Chemical sensitisation is used to produce Civec Control explosive products on site.

Civec™ Control ANE is oxygen negative and appears as an opaque, white coloured viscous fluid, similar to a light grease or heavy oil.

quality standards and is delivered via tanker trucks, Iso tanks or IBC containers into appropriate holding tanks on the mine.

Civec™ Control ANE can only be used to manufacture the authorised Civec™ Control Series explosive products. Before mixing at any specific site, licenses are required from the appropriate Regulatory Authority.

Market: Open Cut Metal, Underground, Surface, Quarry & Construction, Tunnelling and Underground Construction
Product Type: Bulk Systems

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