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Exel™ Connectadet™ SL  

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Exel™ Connectadet™ SL is a non-electric surface connector initiation system developed to give the greatest possible flexibility when providing hole-by-hole initiation sequences in blasting situations with a constant in-hole delay. The system is based on a series of eight delays ranging from 0 ms to 176 ms.

Exel™ Connectadet™ SL can be used in quarries, surface coal operations, open pit and underground mines and construction projects in a variety of blast designs and configurations ranging from simple in line sequence to multiple rows and decks.

Exel™ Connectadet™ SL is normally used together with Exel™ MS or Exel™ U Det in-hole detonators and can be used with Exel™ LP detonators.

Exel™ Connectadet™ SL 0 – 176 are fitted with pink Exel™ tube.

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Quarry
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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