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Exan™ LD  

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Exan™ LD is a series of low density primer sensitive explosives. The series of products is colour coded for identification, and all have a free flowing consistency. Exan™ LD is not suitable for use in reactive environments.

Exan™ LD is suitable for use as a column charge in dry holes where the high strength of Exan™ is not required. A range of Exan™ LD products are available so that the explosive energy can be matched to drill patterns, hole size and ground conditions. Exan™ LD can be free-poured or pneumatically loaded from pressure vessel type loading equipment.

Key Benefits
·       Exan™ LD provides fully coupled explosive charges to maximise blasting outcomes.

·       Exan™ LD is reliable and easy to load, providing consistent results.

·       Exan™ LD is suitable for top charging of bench blasts to reduce the danger of flyrock while improving fragmentation in the collar region, and in built up areas to reduce ground vibration.

·       Specially formulated for underground use, Exan™ LD reduces post-blast fumes and improves turnaround time.

·       Exan™ LD can be pneumatically loaded to enable horizontal and sub-vertical blastholes to be loaded quickly and efficiently.

Market: Open Cut Coal, General
Product Type: Packaged Explosives

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