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eDev II - The Next Generation

eDev II - The Next Generation  

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eDev™ II is one of three systems within the Next Generation range and represents a significant advance in blasting technology. 

Built specifically for application in both Civil Tunnel Blasting and Underground Development, eDev™ II provides the accuracy and flexibility of electronic timing with rapid and easy operations at the tunnel face.

A key feature of the system is at face testability, reducing delays before blast time and enabling more effective use of resources and equipment. With the integration with i-kon™ CEBS, increased maximum delay time and fully programmable detonators, gains can be achieved in safety, efficiency and performance.

The system is comprised of:

  • eDev™ II electronic detonators
  • Blast Box 610 
  • eDev™ II Test Box for inherently safe at face testing of all detonators
  • Scanner 125 can be upgraded to eDev™ II with a firmware change

eDev™ II is the only electronic tunnel system that is designed for working at-face with the typical delay number concept used in mining and civil development. View our brochure to learn more.

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