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Exel™ B Connector  

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Exel™ B Connector is a quick-connection unit that can initiate 5 to 20 Exel™ tubes at the same time. The standard Exel™ B Connector consists of a SL0 connector block (green) that contains a mini-detonator with no delay element. A loop of detonating cord, dimensioned to initiate a bunch of Exel™ tubes, is connected to the SL0 connector block.

· Provides a high level of safety against initiation by static electricity, stray electric currents and RF transmissions at blast initiation point.

· Highly visible.

· Provides quick connection of multiple shock tubes, where simultaneous initiation of several charges close to each-other is required for blasting applications on the surface and underground.

· Eliminates the risk of multiple shock tubes cut-off that might occur when initiating non-electric assemblies by means of detonating cord.

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