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Exel™ HTD  

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Exel™ HTD detonators are signal tube based detonators designed to control the millisecond delay sequence from hole to hole, across the surface of a blast.

The special design of Exel™ HTD detonators allows up to five outgoing signal tubes to be initiated and provides security of tube retention. Exel™ HTD detonators consist of a length of Exel™ signal tube and a low strength delay detonator. The free end of the tubing is closed with a waterproof seal. The delay detonator is fully enclosed in a unique color coded handiblock.

Exel™ HTD detonators function as a surface relay system, which enables an unlimited number of blastholes to be fired in sequence. This permits large well-controlled blasts to be fired, producing better results more efficiently.

Exel™ HTD detonators are commonly used in conjunction with a delay detonator in every blasthole. The normal practice is for all in-hole detonators to have the same delay period and, as a result, the surface detonators control the firing sequence. Exel™ HTD detonators are produced with arrange of delay times to match to the needs of mines, quarries and construction projects.

Market: Open Cut Coal
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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