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Senatel™ Trimex™  

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Senatel™ Trimex™ detonator sensitive emulsion explosive is white in colour and packaged in 19 mm diameter, 735 mm long, yellow, rigid plastic tubes. The tubes’ ends are sealed with caps and joiners that interconnect, enabling assembly to suit any blasthole length. Retention springs can be selectively clipped on to the tubes to ensure that the cartridge is securely retained in the blasthole.

Senatel™ Trimex™ is designed for the blasting of perimeter holes in mining, construction and tunnelling operations. Senatel™ Trimex™ provides a radially decoupled explosive charge in the blasthole.

It can be used for pre-splitting applications for surface operations or smooth blasting applications for underground operations.

Market: Underground, Construction, Surface, Tunnelling and Underground Construction
Product Type: Packaged Explosives

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