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Energy and Emissions: Initiatives Towards a More Sustainable Future

Orica is aware of the reality and urgency of the climate change issue and its potential impact upon our world and on the mining industry.

Our Customer research has indicated that energy and greenhouse gas emissions are the most difficult issue many of our Customers face.

On the one hand, companies aspire to year upon year energy and emissions reduction targets. On the other hand, they must continue delivering economic value to shareholders through increased development.

In response, Orica has made significant investment in developing technologies to bring about step change in environmental performance when deployed successfully into a mining operation.

Our research and scenario modelling indicates that up to a 5-10% reduction in energy and emission intensities is achievable in many mining operations.

This may be achieved via improving the productivity of mining processes using Blast Based Services technical innovations, concurrently increasing the value of the reserve.

No one product or service provides ‘the answer’ to the carbon problem, but Orica has developed processes that make it possible to achieve meaningful improvements to the mining energy and emission footprint.

Orica is committed to the ongoing journey towards a more sustainable mining industry, and we will continue to invest in research and development.

Orica is pleased to demonstrate how Blast Based Services can assist our Customers now in their own sustainability journey.

If you would like further information about Orica's Energy and Emissions initiatives please click here to submit a request to your local Blast Based Services Representative.