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This offer draws on Orica Mining Services expertise in novel design of blast parameters, leading edge visioning systems and data base management services aimed to deliver significant advanced fragmentation services benefits to customers.

The Orica Mining Services R2S™ offer provides customers with a service that aims to deliver agreed relative improvements in the fragmentation of the customers blasted material (eg reduction of fines or large pieces).

Key features of the R2S™ offer include:

  • Special proprietary blast design using very precise time delay sequences enabled by electronic initiation with unchanged drill patterns and powder factors;
  • Optimisation of explosive type used for the blast and use of special Orica Mining Services products;
  • On-going measurement of the fragmentation outcome by Orica Mining Services proprietary vision system;
  • Set up and on-going maintenance of a D&B database for the site; and
  • Advice on improving blast outcomes through more comprehensive changes.

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