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Stratablast™ is one of the principal "Blast Based Services" offers that has the potential to bring about a revolution in current mining practise in open pit coalmines.

Stratablast™ is a multiple layer blast that is drilled, loaded and fired in a single cycle; combining an overburden throw blast with at least one standup blast, the later usually being in a coal seam. Each layer has a unique blast timing design with interhole and interrow delays specific to each layer.

Orica Mining Services proprietary modelling techniques combined with the application of the i-kon™ electronic blasting system and Orica Mining Services deep hole product supply and delivery technology form essential elements of the Stratablast™ service making the technology offer unique to Orica Mining Services.

For our customers this means the potential for:

Simpler scheduling and increased operating time

Reduced coal loss from blasting;

  • Greater dragline or truck and shovel fleet productivity;
  • an increase cast without coal damage;
  • Improved community relations due to reduced blasting frequency and vibration; and
  • Improved safety with elimination of drill and blast crews working exposed high walls.

* Patent Pending on Stratablast™ Blasting Technique.

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