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i-kon™ II CEBS  

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i-kon™ II Centralized Electronic Blasting System (CEBS) is a remote blasting system for initiation of production blasts or development rounds with electronic detonators from the surface of an underground mine.

The i-kon™ II CEBS consists of the following hardware (with firmware upgrade):

· i-kon™ II Lockbox

 · i-kon™ II Remote Blasting Box (RBB)


It can be used with the following electronic detonators and blasting equipment in conjunction with firmware upgrades:

· i-kon™ II Detonator

 · i-kon™ II Logger


i-kon™ II CEBS hardware can be connected to existing mine-wide communication infrastructure. A computer with i-konTM II CEBS control software and an i-kon™ II Lock Box are installed at the control point (usually an office on surface) of the mine. The i-kon™ II Remote Blasting Box and its associated i-kon™ II are deployed in the working areas of the underground mine.

Market: Underground
Product Type: i-kon™ II

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