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Blast Information Management
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Blast Information Management  

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BlastIQ™ supports customers manage their drill and blast processes. Design, drilling, loading and initiation files are all accessible in a central online location. They can also access blast assessment and environmental records, photographs and videos of their blasts.

Multiple authorised viewers can simultaneously review version-controlled documents, enabling customised workflow management with in-built approval steps.  Blast investigations and audits are also made simpler and more efficient.
The Blast Information Management solution offers customers:
  • Single source for all blast related documents - access files anytime, anywhere
  • Efficient data exchange between participants in the drill & blast process
  • Secure reliable document management
  • User-defined document control with embedded hold-points and sign-off processes, to suit any operational workflows
  • Full traceability of document history
  • Flexible controls for shared documents.
To learn more about the Blast Information Management solution, or Orica’s BlastIQ™ System please contact your local Orica representative or visit our BlastIQ™ Help Centre.