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Deliver accuracy, efficiency and productivity to on-bench operations with Orica’s DIPPlus™ hole survey and loading technology. A snapshot of blasthole parameters are recorded and can be used to improve blast outcomes.

DIPPlus™ technology enables accurate and efficient recording of data related to the blast hole.
Blasthole parameters such as depth, temperature and hydraulic status are electronically assessed and captured, enabling quality assurance of drilling operations and adjustments to design, prior to loading. Blast pattern designs can be imported from Orica’s SHOTPlus™ blast design software, or created ‘on the fly’ during loading operations.

DIPPlus™ enables the improved visibility and control of on-bench operations, by delivering:

  • Efficient electronic capture of blasthole parameters
  • Seamless electronic transfer of designs & data, minimising the potential for transcription error
  • Blast pattern designs imported from SHOTPlus™, or created during loading
  • Accurate recording of loading information
  • Bench crew enabled with systemised access to design and loading rules.

To learn more about DIPPlus™ or the BlastIQ™ System, please contact your local Orica representative, or visit our BlastIQ™ Help Centre.