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Unlock value in the downstream process with Orica’s FRAGTrack™ technology. Binocular image technology allows the capture and reporting of fragmentation data.

FRAGTrack™ binocular camera technology captures images of broken rock, which is automatically analysed and fragmentation data is presented.

The integration of fragmentation data into blast planning and design processes, creates a potential opportunity to improve future fragmentation outcomes and blast for consistent fragmentation results. Fragmentation data can be related to blast designs and loading information, enabling matching and optimisation of outcomes to inputs. A range of downstream processes can then be influenced to improve productivity and efficiencies, such as excavation, load & haul and processing stages for many mining operations.

FRAGTrack™ enables improvements to downstream mining processes, by delivering:

  • Industry-leading accuracy using binocular camera systems and intelligent algorithms, combining both 3D and 2D processing techniques, with automated and unbiased sampling
  • Real time feedback and centralised data, by uploading images and processing information to a dedicated server
  • Stored images and image processing information on the units, allowing preservation of data and backed up in the event of a communication outage
  • Historical trends are presented graphically, with filters applied to focus on specific passing sizes
  • Data stored and compared to blast designs and loading information, optimising outcomes to inputs
  • Fragmentation results can be viewed online, via the BlastIQ™ portal.
FRAGTrack™ is currently available for mounting above a belt conveyor.

FRAGTrack™ can support planning for economic performance, improved blasting compliance and continuous improvement of future blasts.

To learn more about FRAGTrack™ or the BlastIQ™ System, please contact your local Orica representative, or visit our BlastIQ™ Help Centre.