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Bulk Systems
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Bulk Systems  

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Orica leads the world with its Bulk Systems approach to mining explosives.

Our integrated system of people, products, equipment and on the ground technical resources successfully operates in mines worldwide.

We have a proven track record in delivering benefits to our Customers across the total mining chain by tailoring our Bulk Systems to suit their particular needs. Through the application of innovative technology and worldwide experience, Orica can provide a solution that gives you the competitive edge.

Delivery Systems

Orica’s bulk delivery systems are the result of over 20 years of research and development, they have evolved to be in a class of their own in terms of innovation, accuracy, flexibility and capacity. Our Mobile Manufacturing Units (MMU's) are designed to transport raw materials directly to the bench, and mix directly into your blasthole.

This ensures the safe delivery of materials on bench. Flexible bin configurations allow the MMUs to be optimized to the changing product requirements at each site, ensuring maximum load capacity and productivity.

Bulk Systems Product Classification

The new rebranded Bulk Systems products have an important change related to the Product Classification information under Storage and Handling for NA Technical Data Sheets (TDS).

TDS are now broken up into two formats:

1)    Bulk ANE: Will be the Emulsion ONLY component for any BE products. Regulatory Transportation and Hazardous Shipping information listing EX#, UN #, Classification, PG, etc. should not be confused with the final Bulk Systems TDS.

2)    Bulk Systems: This should be referenced for all final product blend technical information, as it is loaded into the borehole. Bulk Systems TDS will not reflect the proper shipping information as these TDS assume the product will be in its final form (blended and / or sensitized) at the borehole. The UN# and Classification listed on Bulk Systems TDS under Storage and Handling refers to the finished product being delivered down the blasthole.

Therefore, you may notice some products UN classification will change from Bulk ANE to Bulk Systems TDS. The information contained in the Bulk Systems TDS is intended for information purposes only and should not be used to generate shipping documents for transportation.


Selecting Orica's Bulk Products has now become easier at the click of a button. Please click here to launch.

Product Conversion Tool

Click here for Orica's Product Conversion Tool

The product conversion tool provides a quick and easy way for Orica's Customers to determine how the products they currently purchase will be affected by the re-branding initiative and provides a complete catalogue of Orica's products that are available for their specific market and application.

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Ammonium Nitrate Solution   Liquid Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3: hot concentrated solution Underground, Surface, Quarry & Construction Download Download
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Fortis™ Control ANE   Emulsion Component for Use by Mines to Blend with ANFO to Produce Explosive Products on Site Surface Download Download
Fortis™ Eclipse ANE   Unsensitized emulsion used in the delivery of FortisTM Eclipse and FortanTM Eclipse products in reactive surface mining applications. Surface Download Download
Fortis™ Extra ANE   Unsensitized Booster-Sensitive Emulson Exsplosive Surface Download Download