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Exel Conectadet  

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This is a detonator made up of a low power capsule (Strength 1) attached to a surface connector whose purpose is to connect the rows of a same shot in blasting in which the boreholes have been primed with Exel™ Handidet™ or Exel™ MS. Exel™ Conectadet also comes rolled up in reels (long size) aimed at initiating blasting from the safety area.

Exel™ Conectadet non-electric detonators have 4 main components:

  • Low-power capsule (Force 1) assembled in the interior of a surface connector.
  • Yellow shock tube, which conveys the signal to the delay capsule. When the tube is initiated, it transmits through the interior a low-energy shock wave, which initiates the delays inside the capsule.
  • Label, element that indicates the delay time and detonator length.
  • J connector, which allows connection between the detonating cord and the non-electric tube, if required.

Market: Open Cut Coal, Open Cut Metal, Quarry
Product Type: Initiating Systems

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