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The fragmentation of rock is fundamental to mining. It is the first preparatory stage in the extraction process – making rock small enough and loose enough to be efficiently excavated.

But this simple statement underestimates how important this activity is for the whole mining operation. By optimising rock fragmentation by blasting, you can achieve significant improvements in waste productivity, mill throughput, fragmentation profile and wall stability.

Stuart Thomson, Orica's Global Bulk and Packaged Explosives Product Manager, explains in this paper how blasting improves productivity and environmental performance with some innovative new Orica products.

Download the complete paper featured in the International Mining Magazine.

Click and drag on the image to zoom in and see the difference. The image is of a muckpile, with the left half of the blast loaded with a commonly used bulk explosive and the right half loaded with a higher energy alternative.

Relevant Case Studies

Open Cut Coal

Case Study Country How it helps you
Improving Dozer Push Productivity through Muckpile Shaping Australia Productivity
Improving Dragline Productivity through Maximising Cast China Productivity
Improving Shovel Productivity Through Improved Floor Control North America Productivity
Wall Control Latin America Floor and Wall Control
Driving Shovel Productivity and Wall Control through the Managed Delivery of Technology Australia Productivity / Floor and Wall control
Cast Blasting with Unitronic 500 EBS Australia Cast Blasting/ Fragmentation Improvement
Improved operational efficiencies through Blast Based Services Australia Operational Efficiency
Improving Dragging Productivity Trough Improving Cast and Increasing Blast Size Nort America Vibration Management/ Productivity/Cast Blasting
Flexigel Coal 60 Higer Productivity and Lower Blasting Cost Australia Cast Blasting/ Fragmentation Improvement

Open Cut Metals

Case Study Country How it helps you
Improving Cap Rock Fragmentation and Vibration Management (Iron Ore) Australia Fragmentation Improvement/ Vibration Managment
Fragmentation Measurement to enable Reduced Drill and Blast Costs (Gold) Australia Fragmentation Improvement
Reduced Dilution and Improving Fragmentation in Slot and Stope Blasting (Gold) Australia Fragmentation/ Minimise Dilution
Combined Production and Trim Blasting (Copper-Gold) Asia Productivity/Vibration Management
Minimising Dilution and improving Fragmentation in Long Hole Open Stoping (Gold) Australia Fragmentation Improvement/ Minimise Dilution
Maximising SAC MIK Throughput Through Improved Fragmentation (Copper) Latin America Mill Troughput
Improving Fragmentation to Optimise Processing Plant Performance (Diamond) Australia Fragmentation Improvement
Fines Control to Improve Copper Leaching Recovery (Copper) Latin America Fines Control
Improving Crusher Mill Throughput on Recovery by Improving Fragmentation (Metals) Australia Productivity
Cost Reduction Wall Control Blasting (Gold) Australia Wall Control
Wall Control Improvement (Copper) Latin America Wall Control
Improving Fragmentation to Drive Shovel Productivity and Improve Mill Feed (Copper) Canada Fragmentation Improvement/Wall Control/Fines Control
Increasing Shovel Productivity through Combine Trim and Production Blast (iron Ore) Latin America Fragmentation Improvement


Case Study Country How it helps you
Improving Total Quarry Productivity While Minimising Environmental Impacts North America Productivity/ Environmental control
Reducing Community Impact while Increasing Productivity with Larger Blast Sizes Canada Productivity/ Community Management
Reducing The Costs of Drill and Blast While Increasing Production and Improving Community Relations North America Productivity/ Community Management
Increase of Crusher Throughput with Smaller Crusher Size Latin America Throughput / Vibration Management
Improving Crusher Throughput by 20% in Sandstone Quarries Asia Crusher Throughput
Improving Crusher Throughput from Improved Fragmentation Australia Productivity/Fragmentation Improvement
Maintaining Final Wall Integrity by Reducing backbreak New Zealand Wall Control


Case Study Country How it helps you
Reducing Vibration near Critical Structures in Development Tunnelling Canada Vibration Management / Productivity
Maximising Ore Recovery in Difficult Pillar Blasting (Gold) Australia Productivity